Bible Baptist Church

11 Lakeview Ave.

St. Charles Missouri

May and June 2022

Why the Christian Family?

We certainly live in a age when the very concept of family is beijng challenged and redefined. Some are even asking if the institution of family is relevant any more. I think that the short answer to such questions is "YES! The family is very much needed in todays chaotic society. The problem is, however, we have lost the basic blueprint of what God intended the family to be. That plan is clearly taught in the Bible and we are going to take the next couple of months looking at the original pattern for 'how to do family life' together. 

It may be that everything is 'peaches and cream' in your marriage and family, but we are surrounded by people (at work, friend circles, or in our extend family) who are having difficulties. It is our prayer that the messages during morning services in May and June will give us some answers to share with those who are hurting.

In addition to Sunday mornings we have a new Bible study beginning on Sunday evenings at 6:00. This will be an examination of the gospel of Mark. Join us as we see how Mark, in this shortest of the four gospel accounts, focuses on the demands of discipleship in difficult times. Mark messed up in his initial ministry experience and he certainly knows how discouraging following Jesus can be in demanding times. join us as we 'follow in the footsteps of the greatest Rabbi ever - Jesus! As He shows us that He came 'not to be ministered to, but to minister and give His life a ransom for many' (Mark 10:45)

Of course there are many other opportunities to fellowship and serve with the family of God throughout the month. Men might be interested in the softball program that play on Saturday mornings during the summer; if you would like to play or want more information contavt our associate pastor, Brad Harris. The check out our calendar page and see the events listed there. If you would like to have more information concerning any of these evnts feel free to call the church or connect with us through the 'Contact Us' page. We look forward to seeing you soon in our services!

Because He Lives,                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Parks