Bible Baptist Church

11 Lakeview Ave.

St. Charles Missouri

September 2023

Great Scott! Do you know what time it is?


     Okay! I'm a fan of the 80's movie trilogy 'Back to the Future'! I love the passion and dedication Doc Brown (AKA Christopher Lloyd) demonstrates in each episode to get Marty (Michael J Fox) back to where he belongs! Whether it means attaching a wire to a clock tower during a lightening storm, or driving a steam driven locomotive toward a broken bridge over a deep ravine (if you don't know what I'm talking about you'll just have to rent or buy the first and third installments of the trilogy).

    Perhaps you know somebody who is out of place! They are somewhere else when they should be in the house of God on Sunday mornings. Maybe that somebody is you. Like Marty you find life awkward when you are in the wrong place. The people all seem familiar, but you just don't fit in. GREAT SCOTT! We need to get you back... to the house of God, where you belong! We don't have a 'time traveling' DeLorean, or even a normal one for that matter, but we do have a special Sunday planned to help you get back to Sunday School and Church on September 10th. Each teacher is planning something special for their students that day and we will have special musical guests (4 Calvary) presenting a concert during our morning worship hour. You won't need a 'flux capacitor', just mark your calendar on September 10 and set your watch for 10:00 AM to attend Sunday School and make the journey BACK TO CHURCH! You'll be glad you did.

     If you can't wait until the 10th, no problem join us any Sunday and we're sure you'll get a blessing. We will be finishing up our study in 1 Peter on how to overcome life's trials and struggles. It has been a helpful study and we're sure you'll gain some valuable insight from God's word as you discover how relevant to modern life this inspired letter is. Then, since it is a long wait between Sundays, we offer a midweek refresh on Wednesday evening at 7:00. We have just begun a study of the Apostle Paul's 'Last Will and Testament' (AKA 2 Timothy). It is very challenging to see how he prepares a young pastor to carry on in his place, in the face of his soon departure to heaven via the executioners blade. We would love to have you join us on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 for Bible instruction and prayer time.

   There are bound to be more events planned and pop up through out the month, so please check out the calendar tab and return often to look for new events. Also feel free to call the church office for more information or to inquire about transportation to services. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Praying for God's brightest and richest blessings this Fall,

Pastor Steve Parks