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What difference can just a ‘little’ make? Consider this at 211 degrees water is very hot, but at 212 degrees – just one degree more, water boils and when it boils it makes steam. And with steam you can power a steam engine and a steam engine can move a train! That’s a lot of difference from one little degree.

If you are a sports enthusiast then you are aware that a mere fraction of a second can make the difference between a gold medal and a bronze medal in Olympic track events. Athletes train for months (even years) to improve just ‘a little’.

How about us as God’s people are we willing to put forth the effort to improve our relationship and our service for Christ ‘just a little’. If we all do just a little more we might very well be surprised what an impact it could have on our walk for the Lord and our impact as a family of faith.  The challenge before us this year is to do a little more in 2024. We’re not asking for a gigantic commitment of time or energy (though God may lead you to do a bit more), we just want all of God’s people to set their sights a little higher this year than last.

Just think if you would commit to just ten minutes more time in prayer each day by the end of 2024 that would total 3,660 minutes (this is a leap year) or a whopping 61 hours. Do you think 61 hours of prayer might make a difference? That was a rhetorical question. OF COURSE IT WOULD!!!

For about $1.64 a day or $11.48 a week our church could support another missionary family to take God’s word to a foreign field. It’s hard to buy lunch at a fast food restaurant for $11.48 these days.

Just a little could make a big, big difference. If just twenty member invited one person a month to church, by the end of the year that would be 240 people would have received an invitation to hear the gospel. If just one of those people trusted Christ, Jesus says it would be worth more than the whole world!

It is my conviction that God saved you on purpose for a purpose! Are you investing in God’s work to discover your purpose? It might take just a little more.

To help you begin this New Year right we are going to begin a new bible study together on Sunday Evening at 6:00 called the Foundations (in Genesis). This will include a video message from Ken Hamm, perhaps the leading Creation Scientist of our day. I think that you will find that creation, far from being anti-science is completely scientific in nature. I believe it was A W Tozer who stated “if you can accept Genesis chapter on verse one as literal, then everything else in the Bible is not only believable but to be expected.”

We will also be engaging in a study of the book of Ecclesiastes on Wednesday night to discover the ‘Meaning of Life’. Taken together that is two major questions in our world today: “Where did I come from?” And “Why am I here”? The Good News is… the Bible has the answer! Join us won’t you?Check out the calendar page for updates or further additions to our schedule around the church, if you need more information feel free to call the church office at 636-947-0367 or send us anemia through the contact us tab.


  July Newsletter                                                      Decision 2024

              This is a year to choose the leader of our country for the next four years. It has already begun, but it will continue to increase as November 5th (Election Day) approaches – all of the campaign rhetoric and advertisements. If the past has taught us anything, the political machines will be cranking out ugly and negative commercials. Each candidate will be painted as the most awful choice for the highest office in the land. So many of these attacks will focus on personality and ignore the issues. What is a Christian to do in such a contentious environment? I believe the answer is found down on our knees. What this country needs is MORE PRAYER, because petition is better than politics! That will be the pastor’s focus in Sunday morning messages during the month of July. We are certainly proud and conscientious citizen of a great country, but we are to be first committed followers of Jesus Christ and ‘seek first the kingdom of God’!

          As we reflect on Decision 2024 and our responsibility in the voting booth, the members of Bible Baptist Church also have a momentous decision to make in the very near future as we decide who will lead our church family in the coming years. The campaigning will be much more civilized (we can guarantee that) however we believe that each church family member must be equally, if not more, prayerful in the choice before them for their next pastor. Selection of a pastor should not come down to a popularity contest. We must ask God to impress on our hearts His choice for a ‘man of God’ to lead us where he desires us to go in the coming years. Blessed is the Nation (and congregation) whose God is the Lord (Psalm 33:12).

          There are some other important dates and events coming up this month so please take some time to visit our calendar page and view the advertisements there. We will be having a couple of pastoral candidates preaching during July (Brad Harris July 14th and Brett Bartlett on July 21st).

          For additional information feel free to call the church office (636-947-0367) or email us through the contact tab on this web site at 

Yours for a warm and wonderful summer season,

Pastor Steve Parks