December 2018

 Is There Any Wonder In Your Christmas?

It is a unique God given trait of human beings!

It is the basis of genuine worship.

Children are filled with it.

Adults tend to lose it as they are swept up in the rush of everyday life.

What is it?


   The ability to be caught up in an experience, a piece of music, a beautiful vision, which suddenly says that there is something more to life than the daily grind. One of the best observations concerning wonder I have read was made by Bible teacher Warren Wiersbe who said that wonder does not spring from ignorance, but rather from discovery! It’s the thrill of daily discoveries that fill young children with wonder. It is the reason a little boy can watch an ant hill for long periods of time!

   We have come once again to the ‘most wonder filled’ time of the year. We first experienced the wonder as children. We could scarcely take in all the sights, sounds and even smells of the holiday. The suspense and anticipation of Christmas just kept building and building  until we were certain that December 25th would never arrive.

   But something happened as we aged! The wonder began to fade. Life became rushed and decorating the house, buying presents, attending and hosting gatherings just added to the stress of the season. After all, we’ve been there, done that; it’s no big deal anymore! Is it?

   Of course you know my answer. It is a huge deal! In fact it is a wonderful deal! Not because of the glitter and tinsel, the lights and the pageantry; Christmas is full of wonder because it celebrates an event so pivotal that we have divided human history into the events that came before Bethlehem’s manger (BC) and after (AD)! The infinite God became an infant child and was dependent on a young Jewish girl. To add to the wonder He came to a world in rebellion against Him, knowing that they would despise and reject Him. Yet He did it to ‘save His people from their sins’!

   We invite you to join us this holiday season and recapture some of the real wonder of Christmas. We will look at the wonderful promises and the wonderful person, but most importantly we will remember the wonderful purpose that draws us back year after year to discover that “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son”!

   Our morning celebrations will include a Christmas musical presentation on the 16th titled ‘Jesus, There’s Something About that Name’! We will have a great time that evening at our annual church dinner, which is planned around the theme of An Elf Party! And on Monday evening, December 24th we will gather for our Candle Light Service  at 5:00 PM!

   There are class parties and Bible studies all month. Take a moment to check out our calendar page and feel free to join us at one or all of the scheduled events of this wonderful season. If you have any further questions call the church office at the number listed on the contact page. I hope to see you very soon in one of our services!

Wishing you and Yours a Wonderful Christmas this Year,
Pastor Steve Parks

Bible Baptist Church

St. Charles Missouri