Bible Baptist Church

St. Charles Missouri

 March 2019

 Educated by the Master!

Imagine the privilege of being personally instructed by the Son of God! What an education it must have been to walk day by day with Jesus and learn spiritual truth and its application to everyday life! The textbook was the word of God and the classroom was the world. Jesus could take common items (salt, flowers, seeds, even soil) and turn them into object lessons of profound truth!

Jesus was a dynamic preacher, but the Bible never records the disciples asking the Lord to teach them to preach!

Jesus could field the tough questions of His critics and turn their reasoning back on them, but the disciples never asked the Lord to teach them to debate!

Jesus performed astounding miracles, but the disciples never asked the Lord to teach them to do miracles!

The only thing that the disciples ever asked Jesus to teach them was ‘how to pray’ (Luke 11:1)! The disciples observed that prayer preceded, undergirded and empowered everything Jesus did while He walked on this earth. 

Jesus did teach his disciples to pray and still teaches His children to pray today. Prayer is the most important discipline that we can grasp in our Christian life! Prayer is how we…

  • Defeat the Devil (James 4:7)
  • Get the lost saved (Luke 18:13)
  • Acquire wisdom (James 1:5)
  • Restore the backslider (James 5:16-20)
  • Strengthen the saints (Jude 20)
  • Get laborers to the mission field (Matthew 9:38)
  • Cure the sick (James 5:13-15)
  • Accomplish the impossible (Mark 11:23-24)

During His Sermon on the Mount, Jesus furnished His followers a pattern for effective prayer. We often refer to this blueprint as ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, but it is really a guide for disciples to use in developing a meaningful dialogue with the Father.

It is not an exhaustive treatment of the subject; for instance it says nothing about interceding for others or about the giving of thanks. It does, however, clarify how we are to approach God and the attitude we should have toward Him (hallowed/holy is Your name), toward ourselves (Thy will be done) and others (forgive us, as we forgive those who trespass against us!

During the month of March we are going to carefully examine this model prayer and catch up on some ‘knee mail’. We will look at the Paternity, Program, Provision, Pardon, and Protection which proper prayer involves. Whether you are a veteran prayer warrior or a brand new believer a visit to the Masters School of Prayer is going to benefit your spiritual life.

Speaking of models, on Sunday evenings we will be looking at some other examples the Bible records for us! Unlike Jesus’ pattern of how we ‘should’ pray, we are going to look at some cases of how ‘not-to’ behave as a believer – and the word of God is chock full of these cautionary tales! If anybody ever told you that a true believer will live a mistake free life I can assure you they did not get their information from the pages of scripture. In fact some of God’s greatest heroes have had some of the biggest ‘goof ups’ in their life. During our evening Bible study we will learn from them not only what not to do, but also how to recover when we’ve blown it!

As always we hope that you will plan to join us in worship and fellowship. There are some other events planned and you will find them on the calendar page. Just click on an event and in most cases you’ll receive a little more information. If your questions are not answered just call the church office and leave a message (we will get back with you as soon as possible).

Prayerfully Yours,

Pastor Steve Parks