Bible Baptist Church

St. Charles Missouri


                             April 2018

                                      He's Alive... Now what?

At the close of the 19th century a young man by the name of Erich Weiss appeared on the American scene. He thrilled people with death defying escapes, and became a national celebrity. He soon dropped his family name and adopted the name Harry Houdini.

His publicity stunts became legendary. Time after time he apparently cheated death as he freed himself from escape proof devices.  His most sensational feat consisted of escaping from an airtight tank filled with water.

Along with performing his magic and escape acts, Houdini had another passion… the afterlife. He spent many years trying to contact his departed mother, and in the process exposed multitudes of fake mediums (it’s hard to con a master of illusion). Though he never found a genuine method for contacting the dead, he told his beloved wife, Bess, that if there was any way he could come back after death he would contact her. He even gave her a secret code phrase by which she would know that it was truly him.

Ten years after his death Bess Houdini tried one last time, atop the Knickerbocker Hotel in Hollywood California. There in front of noted celebrities and three hundred fans an unsuccessful séance was conducted. At the end of the service his widow sadly stated, “I do not believe that Houdini can come back to me or to anyone… This is the end. Good night Harry!”

Harry Houdini could not escape death because it is not an illusion. The truth that Harry and Bess needed to know was that death has already been defeated, not by an illusionist, but by the Son of God!

Last month we attempted to chronicle some of the events of the crucifixion. During that series of messages we noted and studied some of our Lord’s words spoken from the cross! Each of the seven recorded sayings of our Lord from Calvary has tremendous significance, but His voice was not silenced by the tomb!

He arose! And the words He spoke to His disciples after His resurrection lit a fire in their hearts that soon blazed across the Roman Empire! These ‘After Words’ will be our focus for the coming month and it is my prayer that they do not merely warm your heart, but that they set it on fire and give you the boldness to tell others “He’s alive!”

Please take a few moments and check out our church calendar. We have several events this month that we would love to invite you to join us in. If you have any questions about service times or other information please feel free to call the church office at the number provided on our contact page.

Your Friend in Christ Because He Lives,

Pastor Steve Parks