Bible Baptist Church

11 Lakeview Ave.

St. Charles Missouri

Continuing in August 2022

The Big WHY?

Several months ago when I was planning the church calendar for 2022 I was impressed to adopt the theme of ‘Why’ for the year. I knew that under that heading the messages could address areas that people have questions concerning the Christian faith. So far we have addressed the topics of ‘Why Jesus’, ‘Why the Bible’, ‘Why Prayer’, ‘Why Easter’ and most recently ‘Why the Christian family”. I hope that these have been helpful in providing biblical and reasonable answers that you have or your friends migh be asking. (If you would like to review any of these messages you can find them sorted by series by searching our YouTube page at bbcstcharleslivestream; click on the ‘playlist’ tab and search for the sermon series you want to access.)

However, I am aware that there is a much bigger and more frequently asked ‘Why’ question than those problems pertaining to doctrinal difficulties. The biggest ‘WHY’ that you or your acquaintances may be asking has to do with “Why does God allow suffering in our world?”   

I believe the Bible has answers for those who are going through tough times. Beginning in July and continuing through the summer at 11:00 Sunday mornings we will attempt to Trace Rainbows through the Rain. The Lord has promised never to leave us or forsake us and given the assurance that ‘all things work together for good to them that love Him (though he does not say everything will be good). Join us won’t you, whether you are in a storm at this time or not; what we will learn during this series is bound to come in handy sometime in the future (near or far).

Other opportunities to study God’s word come on Sunday evening at 6:00 when we gather to go through the gospel of Mark as we ‘Follow in the Footprints of Rabbi Jesus’; and then on Wednesday at 7:00 as we see how God Shapes us into Vessels of Honor for His service.

Our participation in the St Charles Riverfest Parade was a fun and fulfilling day. Many of our good people worked hard to make our entry a special one. A big thank you to all who participated.

Now in August we look forward to a special event we are calling a FRANtastic weekend. We will be hosting Steve Harney, the founder and leader of Cool Kids Mininstries during the two day event. On Saturday August 27th we will have a Kid focused fun time in our gym featuring Puppets, magic, music and snacks. It all starts at 10 AM and its all free to attend. Then on Sunday we will have a special Kids service in the gym and are asking our church family to invite their Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors (that where the FRAN comes from in FRANtastic) to be a part of our services. In the evening at 5:00 we will have a special Family Service so that Moms, Dads, and grandparents can experience the fun the children have enjoyed with Bro. Harney. We will cap the day off with Ice Cream Sundaes. YUM! 

There may be some other events ‘pop up’ during the month, so to stay informed periodically click on the calendar tab on this web site and check for new events. The page is automatically updated when the main calendar is changed.

Join us if you can in our services throughout the week. We would love to see you and make your acquaintance if you are new; if you have been here before but it’s been awhile we would like to welcome you back into the family. Hope to see you very soon!

Because He Lives,                                                                                                                                                             Pastor Parks