Bible Baptist Church

11 Lakeview Ave.

St. Charles Missouri

 May 2023

Grandpa is welcome at the Kids Table...


    Once again as I develop messages aimed at strengthening the families of our church during the months of May and June I have been challenged to take a look at my own home. I’m a truly blest man with a wonderful wife and great kids (now all adults). This really came home to me forcefully a few weeks ago as my family gathered to celebrate my birthday. Of course there were all of the obligatory gifts (which I must say revealed that they know me very well), but what really touched my heart was a card from some of the grandkids. On the front was a bunch of dogs sitting around a table in party hats and it said, “Grandpa, you may be a year older, but you’ll always be welcome at the kids table!” It was a funny card, but BAM it hit me in a sweet spot.

    Truth be told, I love hanging out at the kids table and I hope they always enjoy my presence at their table! Families should be fun; and we are going to explore that aspect of family life this month along with ‘overcoming financial stress’, ‘overcoming the communication barrier’ as well as ‘the generation gap’. I pray that your family can be a fun, secure and safe place to be as you find answers in God’s word with us! Join us at 11:00 for more messages on becoming a Family that Overcomes! ough the church office for details and to make a reservation for this wonderful event. The next day (May 14) is Mothers day and we will have a special gift for each mom in attendance. Invite mom to church and then take her out to a nice Dinner.

​    June is a month for Grads and Dads. On the 4th of June we will Recognize those who have achieved the level of 'Graduation' from their various studies whether High School or College. Then on the 18th we will observe Fathers day with a gift for every Pop that attends our morning Service. (Inbetween on June 11 we will be served a grilled lunch provided by the teenagers for a fund raiser. Your free will offering will go toward helping with the expense of camp.)

    We are continuing our study in the gospel of Mark on Wednesday evening at 7:00. We are drawing close to the end of the book, but as you may know that's when the story gets really interesting so please join us for the exciting wrap up of 'Walking in the Steps of the Rabbi! 

     You are welcome to attend any or all of the activities of Bible Baptist Church. We invite you and anticipate your visit with us. For further information feel free to call the church or email us through the 'Contact' tab on this website. God bless you!

Praying for God's brightest and richest blessings this Summer,

Pastor Steve Parks